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To be considered for the North American Leadership Alliance, NALA,  a completed application and the following must be submitted before December 1, 2024.​


  • Two letters of Recommendation from individuals having direct knowledge of your qualifications and character (e.g. your business partner, the executive to whom you report).  These letters should describe the nature and length of the relationship with you and, to the extent possible, address your character and accomplishments.

  • The completed letters should be addressed to the NALA Selection Committee and either submitted with your application or emailed directly to Michelle Penny, NALA Program Director, and Bobby Henebry, chair of the Selection Committee at



Program fee includes NALA tuition, all program materials, lodging, meals, and program activities. It does not include transportation to the program site. The fee for the 2025 NALA program is US$7,500 and may be paid via credit card, wire or electronic transfer, or check..

A deposit of US$500 is due with application. The deposit will be applied as a credit to the program fee for accepted applicants. If not accepted, the deposit will be refunded. 

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