Connection. Excellence.

The 5-day NALA Experience

Where: Atlanta, GA

Dates:  April 16-21, 2023


What is North America Leadership Alliance?


The North American Leadership Alliance (NALA) is an intensive, five-day immersion program designed to expand your impact – professionally and personally. It brings together leaders from Canada, Mexico, and the United States to elevate their leadership skills, develop close working and personal relationships, and expand their strategic networks geographically and across specializations, industries, and sectors.


The North American Leadership Alliance (NALA) will bring together a select group of successful, talented and rising leaders who seek a unique leadership experience, access to meaningful professional and personal relationships, and access to new ideas and ways of thinking in the next phase of their careers.

Following completion of the program, graduates will be invited to membership in the Society of International Business Fellows (SIBF).  

SIBF is a membership network of top executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who steer innovation and create a positive impact through a global network of over 1,600 members in 46 countries across sister networks in Central Eurasia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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Total SIBF members/spouses:



Investment Management
Venture Capital



The program will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, at the new Epicurean Hotel, located in the heart of Midtown,
April 16-21, 2023, beginning on Sunday afternoon, April 16 and concluding at noon on Friday, April 21.


​Applicants for membership should meet the following criteria:

  • Ideally fall within the age range of 30-50

  • Must be in a leadership position in a company with an international business responsibility or an organization that is international in scope or moving in that direction.

  • Have a proven history of being active in organizations, a team player, a thought leader, a life-long learner, and interested in the world.

  • Interested in taking part in a global network (SIBF, MELA, CELA, SEALA).

  • If in a relationship, are in a supportive relationship
    with a partner/spouse who will also be an active
    participant in SIBF 

  • Are comfortable conversing and learning in English

  • Finally, character and integrity must be without question.


“The Academy experience is simply life-changing. It has changed how I approach daily life, helped to clarify the decisions I take, and improved my relationships, both professional as well as personal. One of the best things about SEALA is that it helped re-connect me with my purpose, and trained me to pursue it. Once I started to see the overall effect…what takes top place is the humbling realization that my dream is increasingly becoming achievable. I have been enabled to take steps toward my passion, purpose and calling.”

Saman Imtiaz Head of British Council Services for International Education Marketing, Pakistan, 2017 South East Asia Leadership Academy